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Ultracool Nylon Summer Pillowcase



The Slumberdown Cool Sleep Pillowcases have been crafted to reduce heat through the night and promote a more restful sleep. Twice as cool to the touch as standard polyester, the soft and silky fabric conducts heat away from your body, ensuring a refreshingly cool sensation with every initial touch.

Specifically engineered to assist you in enjoying those cooler spots within your bed throughout the night, warm Summer nights will become a breeze. Just slip the pillowcases over your everyday pillow for an easy, cooler night's sleep. You can wave goodbye to bed-making worries with our innovative coverless design.

Our Cool Sleep Nylon Pillowcases are not only designed to effectively conduct heat away but also to prioritise your health and comfort. Crafted from hypoallergenic materials, they offer a haven for allergy sufferers, ensuring a restful night's sleep without the worry of irritation or discomfort.

Rest assured, you can indulge in the cooling comfort of our pillowcases without the risk of triggering allergies. Besides its cooling features, the Cool Sleep pillowcases are washing machine and tumble-dryer-friendly, making maintenance a breeze. Simply pop on a gentle wash cycle at 40 degrees before a cool tumble dry, with the cooling technology remaining fully effective even after repeated laundering, guaranteeing lasting coolness.

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