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At Slumberdown, we believe in better sleep for every body.

That’s why we’ve created a range of wonderful duvets made with 100% British wool, which are comfy all year round. Drift off naturally and sleep soundly knowing you’ve chosen a duvet that’s good to you and the planet too.

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What makes wool so wonderful?

Looking for a more natural, sustainable sleep? Look no further than our new Wonderful Wool Duvet, made from 100% British wool.

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Icon for A dreamy temperature

A dreamy temperature

Come rain or shine, you’ll see sheep grazing in fields across Britain. That’s because wool naturally regulates temperature and keeps them cool or cosy. Its breathable fibres circulate air when it’s hot, and lock in heat when it’s not.

Icon for No more sneezing

No more sneezing

Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial by nature, wool bedding is ideal for anyone suffering from allergies. Unlike other materials, it won’t let dust or bed mites flourish and is averse to mould. So you can breathe easy night after night.

Icon for Sleep through night sweats

Sleep through night sweats

The menopause can disrupt sleep, particularly if you’re experiencing hot flushes at night. Wool absorbs moisture when damp and releases it when dry, which means you’ll stay nice and cool.

Icon for Naturally cosy

Naturally cosy

Wool is made up of both soft and springy fibres, so you’ll always get the support and comfort you need.

Icon for Better for sleep

Better for sleep

Wool bedding has been proven to improve sleep by up to 25%, so get set for dreamier nights ahead.

Icon for Naturally sustainable

Naturally sustainable

As long as there’s grass, sheep can keep grazing, and produce a new fleece year after year. Which means wool is a wonderfully renewable material.

One wonderful duvet. Three weights.

All our Wonderful Wool duvets regulate your temperature as you sleep, but you might want a little more or less weight to sleep under as the seasons change.

Did you know?

Sheep were one of the first animals to be domesticated in Britain, so we have a rich history of working with wool. In fact, Brits have been using it in crafts, clothing, interiors and more since the Stone Age.

Today, 30 million kilos of wool is produced by 37.5 million sheep every year, and we’re home to over 60 breeds of sheep, which all produce slightly different wools.

This duvet is made from lowland wool, which is known for keeping its shape and maintaining quality over time.

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What sweet dreams are made of

This Wonderful Wool duvet is made using 100% British Wool from British farmers, encased in a rich cotton cover. Naturally temperature regulating, hypoallergenic and sustainable.

Wool bedding is ideal for keeping you cool when warm or cosy when cold. Wool is also great for moisture control, keeping you dry during those sticky nights. As a fully renewable material, you can enjoy a perfectly comforting night’s sleep that is kind to you and the planet.

Icon for Keeps you cool

Keeps you cool

Icon for Temperature regulating

Temperature regulating

Icon for Easy care

Easy care

Icon for 100% cotton cover

100% cotton cover

Icon for Sustainable Material

Sustainable Material

Icon for Made in the UK

Made in the UK

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