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Creating the perfect sleep space

10-minute read

Do you struggle with falling asleep or are you waking up even more tired the next morning?

You’re not alone, ‘why can’t I sleep?’ is one of the most Googled sleep-related questions, while the CDC suggest that a third of adults aren’t getting the recommended seven hours a night.

There are numerous reasons why you might be getting a bad night’s sleep, but new research suggests that getting a great night’s sleep could be as simple as getting your sleep space right.

Why can’t I sleep?

Picture this, you’ve craved sleep all day so you go to bed in an attempt to get a good night’s sleep. But the moment you put your head down, you’re filled with a fidgety, agitated, restlessness that puts a stop to any hopes of drifting off to sleep. Sound familiar?

That feeling of lying in bed unable to fall asleep is often called conditional or learned arousal, which experts believe is caused by the brain identifying triggers or stimuli in your sleep space and telling your brain to wake up.

With mobile phones, TVs and other electronic devices increasingly making their way into the bedroom, it’s never been more important to get back to basics and create the perfect sleep space.

In this article, we’ve identified some easy ways you can transform your sleep space to help you easily drift off at night.

The first step to the perfect sleep space

The first step to creating the perfect sleep space is to de-clutter your bedroom and examine your sleep space. Is it too busy? Do you work and sleep in the same room? Are you guilty of eating in bed too? All of these could be reasons why you are struggling to sleep through the night.

Your bedroom needs to be somewhere to unwind and focus on relaxation, by clearing out your space from daily distractions, you will find your mind is cleared too.

Change up your lighting

Studies show that people who have more access to natural light during the day actually have a better night’s sleep*. Allowing your brain to register that it is night-time, can lead to a deeper and more successful slumber.

On the other hand, exposure to too much blue light at night, which is emitted from electrical devices like your TV or mobile phone can negatively impact your circadian rhythm causing your brain to lose track of when it needs to sleep.

We’re all guilty of spending too much time on our phones, scrolling mindlessly through social media but by cutting out all phone use when in bed and relaxing your mind, you will be able to switch off a lot easier and quicker, resulting in a good night’s sleep. Either put your phone on bedtime mode, reducing the amount of blue light or better yet, keep your phone on your bedside table and pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read instead.

Picking the right duvet

When picking the right duvet, Product Developer and duvet expert Karen Innes from Slumberdown suggests “Take the time to assess your duvet and if it’s providing you with the comfort and warmth you need. Our research shows that one in five people struggle to sleep because they’re too hot in bed.

If this is the case for you, maybe it’s time for a change of tog to something a little bit lighter. Buying the right duvet can be the difference between overheating or feeling cold and it’s finding the perfect balance that is the key to getting a good night’s sleep.

When it comes to duvets the following togs are ideal:
– 4.5 tog – is lighter and keeps you cool making it an ideal choice during the warmer summer months
– 10.5 tog – is a warmer, cosier duvet for all-year-round comfort.
– 13.5 tog – provides added warmth and an extra layer of comfort, especially during those colder months.

Another great way to make sure your duvet works for you is to have different tog duvets that you can swap over when the seasons change so a warmer 13.5 tog for the winter months and a lighter 4.5 tog option you can use during the summer.

It might be that you have found that your duvet is perfect for you but too warm or too cold for your sleeping partner. If you and your partner prefer to sleep at different temperatures, why not try out our ‘Made for You Two’ duvet? Featuring a dual tog design, combining a cooler 4.5 tog with a warmer cosier 10.5 tog, this duvet could be the key to unlocking a restful night’s sleep for you both.”

Pick the perfect pillow

Your pillow plays a crucial role in how well you sleep, so it’s really important to make sure you have the right one to support your needs. The main factor for deciding this will depend on your sleeping position.

Pillows are designed to keep our spine in a neutral and comfortable position, supporting good posture and a restful night’s sleep. If you sleep on your side, opt for a firmer pillow like our ‘Super Support’ pillow, which has been carefully designed with a unique core block to align your head, back and spine to rest in the correct position.

For front sleepers, a soft pillow will allow your head to sink into it, aligning with your body. And if you sleep on your back, a medium support pillow will keep your head and back aligned and comfortable.

If you are struggling to sleep due to stress or anxiety, a scented pillow can help to reduce some of these feelings. Our new CBD-infused pillow has a carefully curated blend of CBD oil, which is known for its calming and anxiety-reducing effects that aid overall wellbeing. It also has the scent of lavender and aloe vera, to create a soothing and comforting experience aimed at boosting sleep, night after night.

Our stats show 61% of us love the smell of fresh linen and we can’t wait to get into bed when the bedding has been washed. Our Scent to Sleep pillow has been scientifically tested to help improve and enhance your sleep. Using a blend of oils from rose, vanilla, coconut, caramel and musk, this combination releases a warm fresh linen scent to your pillow every time you move and rest your head.

Mattress comfort

Another question we often hear is, ‘why should I buy a mattress topper?’. Toppers can prolong the life of your mattress whilst adding a level of comfort and support you might need to rest easy.

Our ‘Airstream Memory Cool’ topper offers added comfort and firmer support, and the soft knit Coolmax cover is designed to feel cool to the touch, by moving moisture away from your body to ensure you can sleep at a cooler and more comfortable temperature.

Bedtime ritual

Most people work well with routines*, and bedtime is no different. Finding the perfect routine for you could be the ticket to a calming night’s sleep. Whether that’s relaxing in a warm bath in the evening, calming any anxiety with a non-caffeinated herbal tea, or listening to a mindfulness podcast to help send you to sleep, practice your routine each night until you fall into a rhythm of what works for you.

Getting the recommended seven hours of sleep a night is important for both our physical ability and mental health.* By putting in the time and effort to adjust your bedding and sleeping needs, you can look forward to savouring every moment of undisturbed sleep.

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