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Paws for Slumber Sherpa Fleece Small Pet Bed



The Paws for Slumber Sherpa Pet Bed offers a soft to medium support function for your four-legged friend to envelop themselves in. With our Sherpa Pet Bed being cosy and comfortable, your pooch can expect a good night's sleep every night in their ultimate sleep haven. Available in various colour options, including charcoal, light grey, and biscuit, the Sherpa Pet Bed is perfect for snoozing spot for your bedroom, kitchen, or car.

Not only does the colour range provide versatility, but with its compact size options, it's also easily portable, making it paw-sible to have alongside you wherever you need it. Here at Slumberdown, we pride ourselves on quality, with our Paws for Slumber Sherpa Pet Beds being lovingly made in the UK. With a removable machine washable cover, never fret about the cleanliness of your precious pooch's sleep haven.

Remove the bed cover before replacing it with your spare cover, and pop in the washing machine to remove any muddy paws. The removable, soft-touch Sherpa fleece cover, coupled with a supportive bouncy fibre filling, provides the perfect level of cosiness to ensure the best night's sleep, even after a ruff day!

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Grey, Mole, Charcoal Grey


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